My favorite soon-to-be six-year-old with legs for days will walk the aisle in white eyelet and muslin. When I measured her, I showed her a basic pattern and asked what details she wanted. This is what we came up with (pockets not pictured). The skirt ought to just skim the floor, and I love that sweet border!

This is officially the last bit of “big sewing” for the wedding. I’m relieved and excited to focus on all the little frippery bits! And after that, like the carrot dangling just out of reach, is the joy that I’ll be able to return to my first love – quilting! – soon! T-minus 36 days and counting!

I’m woefully behind on my wedding sewing reports.


For example, bow ties for the men and ring bearer were completed months ago.

I am giving myself grace to let things slide, though. Things more important than blogging have taken precedence. Case-in-point: the gown.


No, I’m not going to reveal it until the wedding, but it’s finally complete! And let me tell you, it was worth every hour. I have only a few more handwork details to finish. Thankfully, I have plenty of time for that! (Forty days, to be precise!)



Having completed my gown, I’m free to move onto much more forgiving projects – like my bridesmaid bouquets! I also have the silk and muslin scraps from my gown to put into my flowers. I am gleeful about these colors!

Still to do: flower girl’s dress and crown (measured her yesterday); bouquets; hanging “vines”; table decor. The list goes on. But I’m so excited as each piece is completed and the reality sinks in – y’all, I’m really getting married!

I am about 10 blocks shy of completing all 100 of my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks! I haven’t blogged numbers 81-90, but I figured it would be more celebratory to reveal them all together.


Fabrics are selected and awaiting ironing and cutting. Hard to believe this project I began in January is so close to completion!

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Finished, sold, and shipped:





My Improv Jazz quilt finished at about 60×70 inches, and there is no real plan or order to the quilting. This was my first true commission, and the first step to having an etsy presence. I learned so much through this experience, and I feel encouraged in my art. The friend who commissioned it played a pivotal role in my spiritual journey towards creative identity. It is a blessing and honor to create for her!

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I am so glad to have this puppy done!




I examined every line of stitching as I went – absolutely no puckering allowed on this heirloom piece! And you know I prayed over it. (That’s not uncommon with my sweet vintage Kenmore, much as I love her!)


As my fiancé chose the majority of the prints in the top, I made an executive decision to have a more feminine back. Love these vintage poppy sheets picked up at a thrift store!


Before the wedding, I will wash and starch it so folks can easily sign the white squares!

Having it finished is making things so real! In two months and a few days, my life will change forever – and I can’t wait!

I’m trying to keep wedding sewing separate from these goals, so the most logical choice for this month is to finish the Improv Jazz quilt!


Basted, quilted, bound, labeled, washed, crinkled, and shipped all by the middle of the month? I think I can, I think I can!

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The intensity is increasing the closer we get to August, but I had time to complete my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes this month!


This is the improv top to a family-sized baby quilt commissioned for a friend’s precious daughter. Does it look like New Orleans jazz to you? I need to baste, quilt, and bind it soon before that baby gets any bigger! At present it’s finishing around 60×72 inches, big enough for her to grow with!

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Getting so close to the end! A sweet friend sent me some new bits of Tula Pink fabric (hello octopus!), and I’m happy to work them in.









I’m pondering a bit of a hiatus while I work on some other pressing projects. But now I’m in the home stretch, I feel I’ve earned it! No concerns about these blocks turning into an unfinished piece. Having come so far, I’m motivated to finish and have something to show for all the toil! Now back to those pressing projects I mentioned…

Tennessee has quite a selection of gorgeous waterfalls, many tucked away on back roads that wind through small towns and farms with few signs to tell you you’re getting close. It is my joy to introduce my Californian fiancé to some of these beauties. This weekend, we hiked to Machine Falls in Short Springs Natural Area.










The falls are about 3 stories high. Most of the water pours in from the main stream above, but side creeks join up along the edges of the gully and drop their water in tinsel-thin strands. My fiancé was ill-equipped for rock-hopping and so went barefoot. Though he later saw the pumice-like effect the keen, cold water and stone had on his calloused feet, he didn’t join me as I climbed partway up the falls. Maybe I’ll get him a pair of proper Chacos and initiate him fully as an outdoorsy sort. Meanwhile he snapped a few pics of me from the lower levels. This is my favorite.


Looking forward to our next outdoor adventure! I love sharing my love with my love!

There are so many sewing projects I want to complete this month for the wedding, but the goal I’m choosing to work on for A Lovely Year of Finishes is a commissioned quilt!


My roommate from grad school has a lovely baby daughter with a bare bed. She and I have kept up a bit over the years, and she has been following my quilting adventures. In fact, I started my first quilt when we lived together. She contacted me asking if I’d be willing to make a New Orleans-flavored quilt for her daughter. I sent her a few examples of improv quilts, thinking it would be a fun reprieve from some of the more structured sewing for the wedding.


She loves the idea, especially as improv is the foundation of jazz, and New Orleans is nothing without its music. I’m excited to get started! My goal is to have the top finished by the end of the month. I’m aiming for a twin size for this growing girl!


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