Eton Mess, or “Eatin’ Mess” if you’re Southern

I went to Northern England for the first three weeks of April 2013. While there, I stayed with a friend in a host family – cultural immersion at its finest. I spent the majority of those three weeks filtering and sorting experiences through the lens of an expected eminent return, and now as the reality hits, a refresher on English vocabulary I picked up seems an important part of my preparation.

  • American English
  • Dessertpudding
  • Shortbread cookiebiscuit
  • Underwearpants
  • Pantstrousers
  • Trashcanbin
  • Restroomtoilet
  • Dinnertea
  • Biscuitno translation

My side mission is to spread the good news of biscuits ‘n’ gravy abroad. No translation necessary.