This was a very hard decision. There is a long story behind it, but I’ll be brief.

It began with obsessing over a quilt piecing technique called “Scrappy Trip Around the World”. Finally, I decided to make one of my own. I chose 72 blocks to make a queen-sized quilt, the biggest I’d ever attempted, and let the quilt represent two continents, Europe and North America. I began it long before I was invited to intern in Sunderland. It was a creation in faith that what God spoke to me would occur.

The following photo depicts the top in all its glory about a week after I accepted the internship.


And I began to quilt it on my sweet baby Kenmore, the machine my mother gave me which had been her graduation gift from her parents. At first, all was well. But several hours, spread out over several days, into it, I realized how poorly my little machine was handling the monstrous load. The backing and top were grossly misaligned, and there were puckers and snags all over! Given my limited time, I gave it a long break while other matters pressed.

Finally, I made the choice: sacrifice. I’d rather a complete, smaller quilt than an albatross in storage. I took a deep breath, and then I did the unthinkable.

I cut.


As of this moment, all that’s left is to hand-stitch the binding and wash. The last quilting went quickly, and the binding lay on neatly. I expect she’ll fit better on the single English bed awaiting me, and she’ll take up less space and weight in my luggage.

Which reminds me. It is finally time to pack! But I’ll leave space for this quilt, finish her as I savor last family moments, and report with a completion photo before I go!