Yesterday I moved from my first host home to my second. But this second is a familiar sight – my English mum’s home in Newcastle. When we came over for a few weeks this April, a friend and I stayed with her. Archie, the best Westie I’ve ever met, was a cheerful sight, as were the reminders of our initial stay: a celebratory collage of soft boiled eggs, a stack of letters I wrote over the summer, and a delightful English breakfast complete with tea.




Two other American girls, freshly arrived that morning, were already snoozing when I arrived. It felt like Christmas. Mum and I had a cuppa and a catch up before lunch. It was if the previous week was stretching my legs, and now I’ve found my feet.

I don’t expect we will stay here long as our flat is already overdue to be turned over to us. But I’m happy to stay as long as I can. The commute from Newcastle to the HOP in Sunderland is a bit more laborious, but it’s worth it. “Birds have nests” – and I’m in mine!