It’s been just over a week since arriving, and I am beginning to get my feelings sorted. I think, to be honest, the main reason this has been slower in coming is because it takes me getting alone and quiet to experience those feelings. I miss my travel companion and treasured friend who often helps me articulate what I feel when I describe how I think. At this juncture, she’d say I feel nervous, vulnerable, overwhelmed, but also happy, joyful, and expectant. And clotted cream on a scone always helps!

When I arrived, I had no set schedule and no real expectations placed upon me. Now that all the interns have arrived, things can take shape. We must be shuttled from Newcastle, we must try to complete pastors’ to-do list this week. With all pitching in, it can easily get done. But it’s something to get done.


(More on my job later.)

And it’s still a lot of community-based activity. Thankfully there are a good number of introverts among us, and as a few just got off the plane, we are brainstorming plans to secure some downtime for ourselves within the context of rapidly growing relationships and roles.

I do not feel disconnected from who I am. I do miss having my time as my own. But this is just temporary. As the things officially kick off in October, there is not long to wait.

But I am thankful for the stretching. I am thankful for the safe, wonderful people surrounding me. I am thankful for technology which connects me to home. And I am thankful for the miracle, joy, and honor that I am in this place at this time!