There is such joy and anticipation for today – today I am moving into my flat! Since I arrived on September 17 I have been living out of a suitcase, and today I come home! I feel full. I feel excited. I feel eager. I feel hopeful and expectant!


And then the thought occurs:

Birds have nests. Foxes have holes. Interns have flats. But what about Jesus? All along He has been looking for home, somewhere He can just be Himself, somewhere to rest. He understands living out if suitcases. So many people want Him to visit – come heal a family member, come fix a financial situation, come make the government behave. But when He is done, or when He begins to have His own agenda, or when He doesn’t conform to ours – is He welcome to stay?

I think loving God means allowing Him to be Himself and still loving Him anyway. I don’t want Him to live out of a suitcase with me. I want Him to feel comfortable and at home. I want Him to mess around in my kitchen. I want to make His coffee the way He likes it and not bat an eye when it’s ready but He requests tea instead. I want Him around even when He doesn’t answer prayers the way I asked, when He takes too long getting things done, when He has different ideas about what to do that day. I want Him to be at home in my new home. I want Him as my live-in friend, more than my guest. I want to give Him a place to rest His head – a place He knows He can be Himself no matter the cost or inconvenience.

May my home be His home, here and wherever He may place me.