On 7 April 2013 I awoke from a dream at my English mama’s home in Newcastle. In this dream, I was at the end of my 3 week stay and was headed home. My parents picked me up at the airport, and my father was excited to give me a particular gift: a messenger bag.


A few weeks before leaving Nashville, my mother informed me that she had picked up a few freebies at a medical convention. I was welcome to come by and see if I needed anything. Among the keychains and pouches was this:


At the time I was just realizing I would not be able to make the bag I’d planned as carryon. So this was meant to be!

Over the years I’ve had opportunity to grow in dream interpretation, so at first pass I didn’t expect a physical reality. But it reaffirms and reminds me of the interpretation I had at the time: that I am here according to a master plan, and my Daddy God has equipped me not just with the tools I need for His purposes here, but also with the ability to organize, maintain, and access them when I need them. And that is an encouraging thought!