I had a birthday this week! Celebration began on Monday when a box of treasure from my favorite red-bearded man-wonder arrived. I didn’t wait for my birthday to open it!


My actual birthday began with a couple of solo hours on the keys at the HOP. Such a beautiful way to begin a new year’s adventure! Later, I went for a walk and found an excellent tree to climb. (This remains one of my favorite activities!)



My doppelgänger is also an intern, and as we have the same birthday (though different years), we celebrate together as the “twinterns”. We had cake and chocolate together, then sweet presents and cards. I’ve already eaten all my birthday chocolate – yum!



Last night was our final bit of celebration. A third intern’s birthday is this coming Wednesday, so we joined forces for a three-in-one party at a teppen-yaki restaurant in Newcastle. For such a special occasion, we put extra effort into our attire – even the lads spiffed up! It was so much fun, and quite yummy, too. Sushi was what I’d expect (not bad for being outside California or Japan), miso soup was full of delightful memories, and the entertainment was a joy!




Altogether, I had a wonderful birthday! Of course, I still missed friends and family from home, but circumstances being as they are, I really couldn’t have asked for a sweeter celebration. Thanks to all for your love, kindness, well-wishes and friendship! This looks to be a year of special magnificence, I’m sure!