Life is full of the unexpected, no? For example, having spent a day in bed with a migraine, the last thing I expected was a text message asking if I could keep the pastors’ cats for the weekend. My roommate was against it – but I contrived to keep them in my room and out of her way. For the first few days they were sweet and lovely, but then I think they got bored with the small space and lack of children…




… And they got bold.


Their antics kept me up all night. In the morning, I broke down in exhaustion and frustration at myself (for having so little patience at 3 a.m. with gnawing and knocking things over). It was traumatic watching myself react so angrily to my favorite animals. I was thankful to see them go – but mostly because that meant I could sleep!

Sweet kitties, though. Not their fault they were bored – and they certainly helped keep my life interesting!