I’d been holding onto this quilt for awhile, waiting until I could give it. In the joy of my birthday, I neglected to post about it! I created this quilt and finished it over the summer, then shipped it overseas ahead of me. It arrived in plenty of time, and it was well-loved and appreciated by it’s intended recipient. But I had to wait until my birthday to give it because I made it for my “twintern”, my sweet English doppelgänger who was born the same day as me, just a few years before.




I used the “Jellyroll Race” technique with modifications. I began with the fabric line “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Moda then added pink and black solids (my pink salt and black pepper) and sewed my strips straight, rather than on the bias. I also cut my strips at intervals before beginning to give even more variety, and I omitted the step of trimming off 18 inches.

I love the result. My “twin” did, too. She particularly loved the backing, a few prints from the same line as the top plus a piece of “Domestic Bliss” by Moda. Prints from both lines ended up in the binding, and I couldn’t resist the cheery frolicking kitties! My twin often totes her quilt to the HOP to cuddle up before the heat kicks on. I’m so glad she feels all the warmth and love I intended for her!