Joining a group helped put my tail in gear. I’ve completed blocks 1-4 of my Tula Pink City Sampler. Here they are!





The book really encourages the reader / quilter to take ownership of the project and make it their own. Each block is numbered but unnamed, leaving space for the individual to come up with names.

But how does one come up with block names? I tried the traditional thought process, staring at my blocks and thinking of what they evoke. Melon patch. Ribbon candy. English meadow. Hmm… A little too sickly-sweet for my taste, and no pizazz.

And then the idea hit… Cucumber patch? Cumberbatch! I shall name my blocks after one of my favorite actors, Bendystraw Cabbagepatch! Er… Bottlescrap Cummerbund! Britishguy Sillyname! You get the idea. Thus:


#SherlockLives, after all!