I’ll spare you the photos of empty bread and milk shelves at the grocery store. With wintery precipitation expected in the panicky South, schools were called off, and my Mister and I settled in English-style.


I must say, my first attempt at a Victoria sponge was a complete flop, though it held the shape of the mould well. Next time I’ll try to be more precise in my conversions.

In the morning, we had a bit of icing sugar covering the frozen land.





Someone suggested blowing bubbles in the icy air to see if they would freeze. It didn’t work for us (air inside the bubble too warm, perhaps?) In any case, it was more fun than I assume the neighborhood children were having. Optimistically they popped outside pulling sleds. After a few runs of scccriiitccchhh scccrrraaaaatttccchhh over crunchy grass, they gave up. I don’t blame them. As pretty as a dusting of snow can be, it’s more fun to look at than play in. I am thankful, however, to be in the South where we have long hours of bright sunshine even in the cold!

Here’s hoping those I know and love in other parts of the snow-covered country are faring as well or better!