My Mister had a hankering to go to the symphony as he’d never been. We got tickets to hear Mahler, a great introductory experience for him. Prior visits recommended me to the seats above the orchestra, facing the conductor and audience, our backs to the organ pipes. It was spectacular, the setting enhancing the performance and the view unmatched.




Other patrons were just as entertaining. One knitted her way through. A father-son pair burst out in unison during the final bars, throwing themselves back in their seats and exclaiming, “Whoa! Bravo!” (The description does them little justice.) My attention happily flitted between the five percussionists, two harps, slew of horns, mandolin, and the effervescent conductor Guerrero.



Because this is Nashville, we were flanked by musicians. A young man to our right sat with rapt attention to the expressive, emotive Guerrero. Come to find out, he is studying to be a conductor himself. The gal to my left plays French horn and came to hear that section especially celebrated.


Though I’ve had the privilege to attend the symphony several times, this experience set a new high water mark for me. The Mister was euphoric, to say the least, and we look forward to attending again as soon as may be.