I decided to make a holiday quilt my way. No red and green, just nods to the season. In some ways, it is my answer to the “low volume” trend. In other ways, it focuses on the beauty of crisp, frosty tones in a winter landscape.


I emptied my scrap stash of pale prints and free-pieced (or improv-pieced) them into chunks. I then emptied my stash of grey and white yardage to complete the top.

When it came to quilting, I wanted something manageable and gentle. I chose unplanned, organic lines so my vintage Kenmore could zip through it. Sometimes I finagled it to strike a strong horizontal piecing line so I could stitch in the ditch and make it look intentional (haha). I think the quilting evokes snow drifts, or maybe the lines created by wind whipping over a loose dusting of flurries! (That same wind I had to fight for these pictures – ha!)



For the back, I featured a couple of festive prints. The color bursts reflect the joy and warmth of winter holidays, and I love the contrast to the demure top.




A half yard for binding didn’t quite cover the 6+ feet sides, so I chose an extra pop of purple.


With a quilt this size, I had future generations in mind. This will be the quilt that gets pulled out in December for cuddling by the fire and reading Christmas stories. But because it’s not overtly “Christmas” colors, it can stay out until the daffodils pop up! Which, in the South, means I finished this quilt just in time!