Once upon a time I made a little pouch for my iPhone and loved it! I could easily feel for it in my messy purse, but I could still slip it into my back pocket. With a voile exterior and a flannel interior, it took a beating.



All those murky greys were once cheery whites! Time for a new one, no? After scrolling Pinterest, I found a tutorial I liked. I didn’t follow it exactly as I had my own process for the patchwork, but I love how it turned out!




I must say, my favorite way to piece is taking random scraps and putting them together like a puzzle. That’s how I pieced my phone pouch, and I couldn’t help myself until I had pieced an iPad sleeve, too!





I couldn’t find a tutorial I really liked, so I just made an envelope and bound it with double-fold binding. If you look closely at my stitching, you see my frustration with double-fold binding! But I don’t notice that because I love Love LOVE the patchwork!

And speaking of noticing, the background in these photos is another project I’ve been working on! Can’t wait to finish it off and show y’all!