My Mister and I will celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together this year. Though we are not too sentimental, on a whim I whipped up a little early gift for him!




Slowly but surely I am transforming my rural-Californian into a proper Southern gent! He’d never worn a bow tie before but after modeling this one, he requested I make more! I think it’s just right – a little hipster, a little dapper, a little dressy, a little casual, a little fun with a touch of ironic pretentiousness.

I used this pattern and sliders from a set I purchased over a year ago from this shop. The fabric is from Denyse Schmidt’s Shelburne Falls line. The original plan was to go with just the pink – it is Valentine’s Day, after all – but when I saw the blue color way, I realized I could get more bang for my buck if I made it reversible!


He has between now and 14 February to learn how to tie it. Otherwise we get to act out those sweet scenes from movies in which the lady helps her fella fix his tie just right, and as her fingers are busy you see that smitten look in his eyes and can read his thoughts – he’s wondering what he ever did to deserve the creature before him, and his heart swells, and he puffs out his chest just a little with boyish pride.

I should write Hallmark commercials.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! May yours be cheery and light!