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Wedding planning is in full swing, but I made time to finish 8 more Tula Pink City Sampler blocks!









There are so many changes happening in my life right now that it’s nice to have the ability to continue towards a long term goal. In that spirit, I laid out all 56 of my blocks so far!


It’s so fun seeing it come together. Oh, and I am thrilled to be done with the triangles! I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to bias-cut pieces, but I have methods of making geese and triangles that are easier for me, and Tula Pink does not use these methods. But it is more trouble to figure out measurements needed for my preferred procedures – though they end up being less wasteful as well. So altogether I’m happy I’m done with the trifecta of inefficient-inaccurate-wasteful section of the book! And I’m over halfway done, too! Yay! So many reasons to be happy!

Now back to the wedding planning grindstone 😉


I love how painting so often reveals my heart. Although I feel things deeply, I tend to address the world through my thoughts and actions, and subsequently I am not always aware of the emotions I experience or why. Painting – especially asking Holy Spirit to connect with me as I paint – helps me close that gap. Sometimes I come away with the name of the emotion I was experiencing. Sometimes I gain insight into the message God has for me concerning my circumstances. But somewhere in the process I connect with my Daddy. He is a beautiful artist, too, and my soul and spirit come into proper alignment again when we spend time together doing something we love. It’s a favorite form of quality time, and I am so thankful for the opportunity (time, energy, resources) to engage with Him. I feel His pleasure when we paint together.





I set the bar low this month hoping to accomplish more than I intended. And I did! Only this first quilt top was my goal.


I call it “Connected”, and it’s a 36×48 top, just right as a “soaking quilt”.

This one came together easily, too, although I didn’t officially state it as my goal.


I think these two make a nice pair! Love the scrappiness of one and the straightforwardness of the other. That Pam Kitty print in the Dresden plates pops nicely against the blue chambray, I think!

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Confession: I’ve been turning out 8 blocks at a time and just posting 4 each week. But enough with the formalities! I have a giant creative endeavor at hand now, so it’s time to streamline the rest of life and let the little details slip by (such as double-checking the order of the pictures!)









If all goes to plan, I’ll have all 100 blocks done before our wedding. Sewing is stress-relieving, after all!

There’s no straightforward way to tell the story. It started here:


It took a hard turn at frustration and tears, then course-corrected with honesty. So plans were scrapped and we wound up here:



Those gorgeous flowers all laid out in their full glory:


To top it off, I’d made my first successful Victoria sponge cake, not even realizing we’d have this reason to celebrate!


Topped with a sugared engagement rose!


Now I have a new hobby: wedding planning! Yippee!

In my community, I’m often the one to answer questions like, “Does anyone know how to hem a dress and has the time to help me out?” But on the other hand, I’m happy to get a message like the one containing this commission: “Would you be interested in making a wristlet for my niece? I’d rather pay someone I know than buy from a random etsy shop.”

Now, there are certain things I’m happy to sew for others, but others are a bit trickier for my little Kenmore to handle. Zipper pouches are the latter. I blame that thick chunky bit at the side seams around the zipper. But I think it worked out ok, and I certainly did my best.




I was told the niece loves the color blue. (She also loves One Direction, but I didn’t attempt to work that in!) Hope she enjoys it!

Oh, we must embrace the triangles!





So many fiddly bits to that last one in particular, but I think it came out alright. Using some favorite prints is helping me get through these not-favorite blocks! Onward and upward!

I debated and waffled on this goal, but I’ve finally decided on something I think I can accomplish!

These blocks…


…need a background! And then they will look something like this:


The goal is a completed top, but if I finish the whole quilt this month, I won’t be disappointed!

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To the sea! To the sea!
Follow my feet up the Wearmouth quays
Where the gull brays
And memory keeps
Where old men watch the turn of days
And graves still pray

Past shipwrights’ industry
Looking for my heart to be
Rooted in a land where my
Soul is told to breathe

But I am not free

Wild heights and quarried ways
Hewn by hands in elder days
Or set by mind at dawn’s design
Still call to me, still call to me

And in the pounding, grey-lit surf
Waves convulsing, giving birth
I send my spirit to the wind
I soar from here, I’m gathered in

I’ve called this land my home, and for it
Given all to bless, restore it
To my gifts, the land has shuddered
Cannot claim me as a mother
So to the wind and to the sea
I will return where I am free
(You are the only Ten-I-see)
For my heart beats Tsalagi






The above attempts to reconcile and understand my heart’s churnings while in Northern England. Photos are from Sunderland. Paintings completed in Tennessee in early 2014. All rights reserved.

I never really know what to say here. Here are 4 more blocks I’ve made for my Tula Pink City Sampler! (Do I even need to say that? At what point am I redundant?)





I am happy these blocks allowed me to feature some larger Tula prints! But I must say, this next section – focusing on triangles – may be my least favorite. For whatever reason, I am not very fond of triangles. Maybe it’s because these tend to be small, and there is inherent waste in the method described in the book. Or I just don’t like fooling with bias stretch. But this first one turned out nicely, so maybe my fears are for nothing!

Thirty-six is a nice number to lay out and see progress, I think!