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Finished, sold, and shipped:





My Improv Jazz quilt finished at about 60×70 inches, and there is no real plan or order to the quilting. This was my first true commission, and the first step to having an etsy presence. I learned so much through this experience, and I feel encouraged in my art. The friend who commissioned it played a pivotal role in my spiritual journey towards creative identity. It is a blessing and honor to create for her!

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I am so glad to have this puppy done!




I examined every line of stitching as I went – absolutely no puckering allowed on this heirloom piece! And you know I prayed over it. (That’s not uncommon with my sweet vintage Kenmore, much as I love her!)


As my fiancé chose the majority of the prints in the top, I made an executive decision to have a more feminine back. Love these vintage poppy sheets picked up at a thrift store!


Before the wedding, I will wash and starch it so folks can easily sign the white squares!

Having it finished is making things so real! In two months and a few days, my life will change forever – and I can’t wait!

I’m trying to keep wedding sewing separate from these goals, so the most logical choice for this month is to finish the Improv Jazz quilt!


Basted, quilted, bound, labeled, washed, crinkled, and shipped all by the middle of the month? I think I can, I think I can!

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