Friends, if my stint in England taught me anything, it is that baking is a national sport. Folks in the UK get as excited about their cakes and pastries as we Southerners do the SEC and tailgating. Last year, I was introduced to their Super Bowl of baking, the Great British Bake Off, or GBBO for short. As the granddaughter of a world-traveling gourmet, I was determined to pick up local recipes. Thankfully, I met my sweet friend and baking aficionado Lois who drove home this doctrinal truth: the bible of British baking is the Be-Ro Book. She also, kindly, sent me home with a copy of the current Be-Ro Book itself, which would be much harder to procure Stateside.

Lois and I have kept up quite a bit, swapping sewing and baking stories, sharing our thoughts on Doctor Who and the new round of Bake Off. As we went back and forth, it hit me, altogether at once: why not bake the Be-Ro?

Why not take these time-proved British recipes, measure them out precisely, convert them accurately, and test them here in the US? Why not use generic brands and basic equipment so even budget-conscious folks can manage? And why don’t I share the process? In fact, why don’t Lois and I do it together? Get our husbands involved? Have guest taste-testers? Guest bakers?

And she was thrilled! We are so excited to do this together, despite the ocean in-between.

So we begin. We will go through the Be-Ro in no particular order, featuring recipes adapted from British into American equivalents. I will share what worked and what didn’t. I’ll get opinions from Lois, and she will contribute her bakes, too! And we will have lots of delicious fun along the way!

Care to join us? “On your marks, get set… Bake!”