Christmas has come and gone. Our tree is down, and most of our decorations are in the woodpile. I am finally able to report on the gifts I made for friends and family this year! I decided on potholders. Since I now have in-laws to make for, I thought they would be an easy make, plus they would be fun to personalize and budget-friendly to ship.




Can you tell I had fun trying to personalize each pair to the recipient’s style? Everyone really seemed to appreciate them. One of my brother-in-laws especially said he was needing some! The other brother-in-law hadn’t even received his on Christmas because he forgot to check the mail. Oops.

Having attempted potholders in the past, I decided to modify the design this time around. I packed a layer of Insul-Brite between two layers of batting, plus the top and bottom fabrics. My machine was chomping to sew through all those layers! But I think the extra protection is worth it. Plus they can double as trivets this way! Each finishes at about 8 inches square with a 2-3 inch loop for hanging, which is just right average-sized hands, I think!

There’s actually two more sets I’ve not completed, but those are for me. (My old ones are wearing out!) And the sets I made for my oldest friend (longest length of relationship, that is) and my brother will be pictured in another post. But I wanted to go ahead and document these while I have the energy!

Hope y’all had a merry Christmas and joyful holidays!