Once upon a time, years before I met my husband, I cut up a striped cashmere top and a thrift store silk necktie. Yesterday, thanks to the snow and ice, those pieces became a bunny! (Pattern and tutorial via the Purl Bee.) I’m proud of the way he turned out, especially as I had to navigate matching stripes, stretchy knit, and bias-cut, slippery silk!

After a romp in the snow, he warmed by the fire and wrapped in the baby’s quilt! He looks quite at home there, I think.

He is floppy and squishy in all the right places, and he is so very soft! His satiny ears remind me of the “slicky” appliqué blanket I rubbed raw as a baby. Later, I realized that the embroidery thread I used for his face is the same my mother used on the Raggedy Anne’s and Andy’s she made for my brother and me before we were born. I am so happy to be part of a line of mothers who demonstrates care and affection through the work of her hands.