Back in March, a grandmother and aunt contacted me about some Disney character signatures they collected at a recent trip to Disney World. They had purchased a fat quarter bundle in pinks and purples and had characters Sharpie their names on the fabric. Now they wanted them set in a quilt for their granddaughter / niece’s fifth birthday.

Needless to say, I accepted the commission. We met at JoAnn’s to talk about design, size, color, etc. For me, it was a foray into working with a client on a purely professional level. I enjoyed the process, and I came away encouraged that, though the colors and content are not at all my preference, I’d still be able to create a quilt that reflected me as an artist.

I love the wobbly quilting and the way the eye dances around the irregular signature blocks. I had fun developing a procedure for constructing the top in an efficient manner without planning it to death, thus losing its spontaneous, energetic quality. And most of all, I love that it’s finished! It is 59×73 inches and consists of fabric from JoAnn’s, machine-pieced and quilted but self-bound by hand.