For my eleventh birthday, I received Felicity, an American Girl doll. Soon after, my grandmother taught me how to sew on her sewing machine by making doll clothes. I still have those patterns, so when my flower girl pulled out her AG catalogue to show me what she wanted for her birthday, I was inspired! It just so happens that I keep my doll trunk on hand, so Felicity was available for fittings and modeling.

The Internet is rife with free AG doll patterns, so I used two for a pair of starry fleece pants and striped tee made from a top I rescued from the Goodwill pile. (Sadly, I am unable to find the original links to those patterns!) The tutu was inspired by a ruffled skirt tutorial, and the cherry dress was a modification of the original paper patterns I used with my grandmother.

Finally, knowing my little friend is very creative and eager to learn to sew, I included a hand-written coupon for either one doll outfit or one doll quilt, made with my help, of course! I hope she is inspired and empowered from the experience! I can’t wait for her birthday party this weekend and spending time sewing with her later!