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I was part way through knitting a grey-green hat for my son when I had an epiphany:  if I were going through the trouble, why was I making any old hat when I could knit the ultimate (nerd) hat?

“How does it sit? Pretty cunning, doncha think?

“Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

I don’t claim to be an excellent knitter, but I am pleased with the result, and it makes me laugh! To make the hat, I just knit a stockinette rectangle, stitched up the side to fit, and crocheted ear flaps. Then I gathered the top and added a puff ball! And my baby, who has as many smiles as there are reasons to love Firefly, got into character with a rare mean mug!

I love the colors, even apart from the show reference. I finished it just in time for the cool weather setting in! He will be so much warmer on our walks together, complimenting the gorgeous autumn trees. What more could I ask for?

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Let’s make this short and sweet since there is no telling how long the 7-week-old little squish will stay asleep!

My sewing / yarn goals until the end of the year are as follows:

  •  Make stockings for new family members to match those my Great Granny made  
  • Make a hat to fit my little man’s big noggin (knit, most likely)


  •  Finish the “Post Partum Quilt” I began in the first few weeks of motherhood as an attempt to hang onto myself in the maelstrom of delivery and first-baby-dom  

In addition, I have some holdovers from past quarters:

  • Black and white Farmers Wife block baby quilt
  • Color Punch II quilt (I have the top, back, and binding ready)
  • Dresden soaking quilt (ready for basting)
  • Ex-Plus quilt (still working on blocks)

I still have to figure out Christmas makes for this year, and I have an idea for table runners I might attempt. Last year was our first married Christmas together, so we chose a “paper” theme. If we follow the transitional anniversaries, this year will be “cotton”, so I’ll make our general Christmas decor part of my list of goals, too!

Have you ever seen a newborn’s startle reflex in a sling? I just did, and I am marveling he is still asleep! Woo hoo! Maybe I can be a mom-who-blogs after all!

Linking up with the 2015 Finish-A-Long!