I always loved our family’s stockings. They are straightforward and declarative, but simple and classic. I love how narrow they are, how fun it is finding thin bits to fill them. My great grandmother made them, lazy-daisy stitching over my grandfather’s lettering. She made them for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (I was one of the youngest and was eight years old when she passed), so when the family got together, it was one long line of names. She used a fabric called Indian Head, which is no longer manufactured, but I found some for sale on etsy at a great price!

Here is my original, Great Granny-made stocking:

And here are the ones I made for the newer members of my family:

Of course, they are not identical, especially as my sweet Granddaddy is no longer around to help with the lettering. But I thought I’d embrace the difference by adding a signature tag – “handmade with love” – which they certainly are!

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