My mothers’ group had a Christmas party and asked that we bring a white elephant gift to bless another mom. Nothing tacky or silly – the idea was to treat ourselves since we all know how hard mothering can be. Of course, rather than shop for a $10 gift, I made one! (Since they were a first attempt, we will pretend only $10 worth of material and time went into them.)

(I had to try them on… I was so tempted to keep them!)

Quilted spa slippers, anyone? I used a pair of mukluks for a sole template, then free-handed the upper out of paper until I figured out a nice shape. The sole has two layers of batting and a layer of stiff stabilizer between the denim and solid cotton. I made bias binding and glue basted underneath with white school glue. That spared me much frustration as I sewed through all the layers.

Usually I don’t go through so much trouble to match things perfectly, but I really wanted the girl who got these to feel special. Sure enough, they went to a new friend who’d been wanting slippers for Christmas! In fact, everyone walked away with something they liked. I received a beautiful scarf and new colors of nail polish – two things that are very much me, which I can never have too many of, and well worth the exchange! The best part was knowing what I made was not only wanted and appreciated but an actual Christmas wish!