My Grandmother came for a Christmas visit. Her house is filled with things we grandchildren have made – from childhood artwork to patchwork pillows and a free-motion quilt. This year, I was inspired by her mother, my Great Granny, who, if I remember correctly, loved cardinals in wintertime.  

I made a few quick sketches, then used scraps from the stockings I sewed this year and embroidered their faces. They don’t match exactly because the design evolved, but I think both are sweet. One went to my Grandmother, and the other to my mother (as I expected she would appreciate one, too!) We had an early celebration with some extended family, and Grandmother was pleased with her pin. Hopefully she can enjoy it all winter – something festive and cheerful, not overtly Christmassy but not out of place, either, and definitely one-of-a-kind, which may be her favorite part. That, or the ability to say, “Oh, this? Just a little something my granddaughter made for me.” 🙂