There is a wonderful woman I met a few years ago, right as I was about to make the biggest transition of my life and move countries. Her name is Jayne, and right from the beginning, she inspired me. I really hope one of these fabric manufacturers finds her the way Food Network found Giada – she is a star in the quilting world, and I admire her attitude and approach!

I gush. But it has a purpose! A few months ago, I began seeing “mini-mini” quilts come up in her Instagram feed. Impressed, and always looking for a little side project to keep chain piecing going, I decided to make a few of my own!

Each is smaller than 5 inches, most closer to 4. I played with piecing and quilting, though I could have been much more detailed on each. Each is self-bound with the backing, and this influenced my decisions on how to quilt each piece. It was a fun experience and so rewarding seeing them come together! I’ve never been one for perfection, but on a small scale, I feel motivated to grow my skills. Thanks, Jayne, for the inspiration!