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I am so thankful for my community. We are among five families with children around the same age, with new babies coming every so often (our turn is next!) The fun part for me is making gifts for all the littles. Summer means boy birthdays, but this spring we celebrated a little lady. Here’s what I made.

In the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling, I rescued one of my husband’s button-downs for a pint-sized apron! I used just a scrap of coordinating floral print to keep it fun, and the Velcro closure ought to make playtime easier.

What’s a princess without a crown? Spring flowers and bright buttons suit this little lady’s declarative personality.

I have my plans for four summer boys, and I am excited to get those going! It’s so fun to put my heart into these little people I love so much!


In a fit of inspiration (which I’ve learned to follow and ride like a surfer), I decided to update my maternity wardrobe with some hand-me-down yardage received from a friend. Chambray, denim, and polycotton are not my go-tos for quilting, so this was a lovely way to use what otherwise would go into the Goodwill-textile waste cycle. Bonus:  I am certain that these garments were produced without child slavery, etc. Extra bonus:  I love them!

Happy little tunic, perfect for popping over a tank top and shorts…

Chambray and lace top modified from an old Simplicity pattern, making the most of some crocheted trim leftover from my wedding dress…

And finally, denim, pleats and vintage ribbon from the same modified pattern!

My rodeo-riding cousin has her wedding on the ranch pretty soon. Now to decide which of these to wear!

I feel like I need to apologize for letting this blog slide. I do have every intention of maintaining it, but as I am realizing, the season of life I am in (i.e. babies and toddlers) leaves only so much headspace for documenting my makes. Instagram, with its immediate feedback and format, is my go-to these days. Nevertheless, I want to capture these bits and pieces of my handwork for posterity! Ha!

This year I found myself in the weeks before Easter in bed sick. Bummer! But I attempted to make the most of it by working on projects I’d pinned (I’ll find the links that inspired me if requested, but I modified everything I made.) The Squish got a knit bunny and crocheted carrot.

My board game-loving, fantasy-genre-reading husband got a crocheted dragon egg “dice bag” which was later stuffed with (American-version) Cadbury eggs. 

And for me – an interchangeable seasonal yarn wreath for the door – just so! A lovely Easter for all – hoping yours was similarly sweet!