Reinventing the wheel I am sure I am not, but when on a whim I decided to whip up a breezy maternity skirt, I thought I’d document the process! Bonus:  materials sourced from thrift stores and friends’ cast-asides. Extra bonus:  it didn’t take more than an hour to make, and that includes wrestling a toddler out of every photo!


  • XXL men’s dress shirt
  • Tee shirt that would fit you pre-pregnancy (you want a fitted but stretchy waistband)
  • Thread, sewing machine, pins, measuring tape, mirror 

Let’s begin!

  1. Measure your men’s shirt from the bottom of the armhole to the hem. Then hold up the measuring tape to the bottom of your belly. Make sure you’re comfortable with a skirt that length!
  2. Measure your hips around the widest point and compare to the width of the shirt beneath the armholes. Make sure you have several extra inches of shirt width for comfy gathers! Cut off the bottom of the shirt. 
  3. Decide how thick a waistband you want. I wanted mine to ride under my belly, so I opted for about 3.5-4 inches wide. If you want your waistband to cover your belly, adjust accordingly, making sure to include about half an inch for seam allowance. Cut off the bottom of the tee shirt. Adjust the circumference to fit comfortably – still a bit stretchy but tight enough to hold up the skirt. 
  4. With right sides together and cut edges together, pin the heck out of the waistband to the skirt. Stretch the waistband as you go around. Use every pin in your pincushion! Ha! Note:  the bottom hem of the tee shirt will be the top of the waistband. 
  5. Sew using a half inch seam allowance, stretching the waistband as you go. I zigzagged around afterwards just to be thorough – and because my machine doesn’t do fancy stitches for knits (no shame!) 
  6. Turn the waistband up and topstitch the band, catching all layers of the seam beneath and stretching as need be. (This part is optional, but I like the finish.) 
  7. Try on your skirt, adjust the fit if need be, and rejoice in one more way to go pantsless in your summer pregnancy! 

Closing thoughts:  if you are concerned about modesty, you can stitch the placket so the buttons will stay put. Also, I’d recommend doing a better job than I did matching the tee to the shirt! I intend the waistband not to show, so it won’t matter much, but the mismatch limits the style choices, perhaps? On the plus side, I used what I had already, so that’s a win!

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Thanks for your interest, and happy preggy sewing!