So it’s no surprise I haven’t written for awhile. There are two main reasons for this:  first, Instagram. Second, life stage.

I still love sewing, quilting, creating, and connecting, but writing blog posts doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instagram, however, is efficient and effective. As I’ve always been a fan of photo-heavy blogs anyway, my “professional” @walkingwithfeathers account has replaced blogging for me. Thankfully, you can look up public accounts online, even without the app. Find me through this link:

As I write, my second child is snoozing on my lap. My two-year-old is out with my husband running errands in the new area of town where we just bought our first house. This is a whole new stage of life! And I’d rather spend my precious few minutes of free time quilting or creating than writing about it.

I will keep this blog up. It’s nice having a landing pad on the internet for a bit of prose or philosophy now and again (birth stories, for example). But my creativity will predominantly be documented over on Instagram.

I’ve enjoyed the blogging community and the growth it has afforded me! I hope to keep connected with y’all, no matter the platform!

Blessings until then!