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Last Saturday we rallied the troops (ie 10 interns, 3 staff members), piled into a minibus and minivan, and roadtripped to Manchester. We’d agreed to partner with Prayer Storm, a group that brings together believers every quarter for corporate worship and intercession. The event stretched from noon until 7 pm. Pastors Ken and Lois were asked to lead towards the end of the evening, specifically encouraging those who feel called to a life of intercession to take action.

When we arrived, I did a quick survey of the auditorium. Some gatherings like this are open to artists, but I didn’t see any. Thankfully, as part of the HOP team, we had access to event staff, and one of them was able to secure permission for me.

Throughout the event, we worshipped and prayed. I found myself at the front when one speaker called for dancers. Two other interns joined me, as well as the Prayer Storm dance team.

Later in the afternoon, I pulled out my watercolors. When curious children drew close, I handed them paper and brushes. Soon we had taken over the space at the foot of the cameraman. My prayer is that these young ones walked away with an understanding that visual art is a powerful form of communication, and as prayer is simply communicating with God, that creating art is a legitimate form of prayer.

Below are photos from the event, including stills from videos and screenshots from friends’ Instagram feeds.


















I spent the better part of my day with three young British girls whose extended family is awaiting me in September. They assure me that chocolate chip cookies do exist in England, and if I choose to continue calling them cookies, I will be understood. That’s a relief!

Today’s art consisted of wax scratch pictures, water color paintings, thermoplastic masks, and salt dough ornaments. We painted the masks and ornaments with acrylics, and I bequeathed my stock of ribbon, sequins, and hot glue gun sticks to them for further embellishment. I also gave them a selection of vintage felt hats for dress up tea. We didn’t actually have tea, but we had a lot of laughs!