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Dear heart,

Whomever you are, you matter. Your heart matters. Your pain matters.

As I write, my infant is fussing, working himself to sleep. I know you long to hear your baby’s voice.

I nurse him to comfort him, swaddled in my arms. I know your arms ache, missing the weight of your baby’s warm body.

I think of you, dear one, and the journey of parenthood. The long days of nurturing life, secret and dark within your body; the tumultuous feelings; the nausea and aches and hormones; the discomfort.

But you would gladly go through it all and more, if only to have your baby with you.

I see you, dear heart. I am with you in your pain.

I believe every baby deserves a quilt, if only to be remembered by. Quilt heal. They connect us to those who have gone on before us. They offer beauty and comfort, taking broken pieces and making something good from them. They offer hope.

And I pray you, dear heart, find hope, too. May the grief of losing your precious child wash over you, acknowledged (finally!), such that peace may come where once was pain.

Lost Baby Quilts is my arms open to you. You are not alone.

Lost Baby Quilts – Etsy


I roared you into the world, my son, named for kings and princes among men, named for family and strength and influence. We heard your name whispered by heaven’s messengers. You are the word for our world – stewardship, guardianship, the one who replaces old with new.

It was a new thing bringing you into the world.

I labored at home, in and out of warm waters, relying on your father for strength. And you came within 18 hours. (Eighteen – chai – the numerical value of the Hebrew word “life”.)

By 1 pm, the midwives were checking. Family was waiting. Nurses were ready. By 1:45 we were talking with doctors in the course of active labor. Then I was on my feet, leaning over a bed, and I felt you come on, and your waters burst. Climbing like an animal, I screamed from my cells, what my DNA produced from a fundamental place. I roared. I wailed. I became what I already was.

Transition. I learned later that when the waters broke, your head shifted down, suddenly locked in, fully committed, and here you came. But we were still a walk – or a run – away, and they were talking, they said a room was now ready. They made the call. I bellowed down my body, and we barreled through the hallways, past staff and elderly onlookers. The doula’s voice rang reassuring in my ears, “I’m still here!”

Then bright lights and a fresh bed, and my knees up and pushing. They said you were “at three” – you were nearly among us. So I roared.

Ten minutes, they told me later. Ten minutes of pushing. I saw you emerging, through glasses unfogged, a sign and a wonder, the embodiment of our determination. You’d come through it so quickly – once, twice, thrice was all I could remember. You were wet and alive on my deflating belly. And you sprayed as you cried, and the midwife caught it, one last fountain of your broken waters.

You were hungry. You were perfect. You were oozing with life. You personified every hard-won grace-growth of family and mothering.

And I was amazed, and your father amazed, and the angels attending stood in celebration and wonder. And Father sang your song, my son, called you by name, named the battles you’ve won. You are His favorite song.

So it’s no surprise I haven’t written for awhile. There are two main reasons for this:  first, Instagram. Second, life stage.

I still love sewing, quilting, creating, and connecting, but writing blog posts doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instagram, however, is efficient and effective. As I’ve always been a fan of photo-heavy blogs anyway, my “professional” @walkingwithfeathers account has replaced blogging for me. Thankfully, you can look up public accounts online, even without the app. Find me through this link:

As I write, my second child is snoozing on my lap. My two-year-old is out with my husband running errands in the new area of town where we just bought our first house. This is a whole new stage of life! And I’d rather spend my precious few minutes of free time quilting or creating than writing about it.

I will keep this blog up. It’s nice having a landing pad on the internet for a bit of prose or philosophy now and again (birth stories, for example). But my creativity will predominantly be documented over on Instagram.

I’ve enjoyed the blogging community and the growth it has afforded me! I hope to keep connected with y’all, no matter the platform!

Blessings until then!

My rodeo-riding cousin married the cowboy of her dreams, and I made a little wedding gift for the occasion!

Their style is very Western-inspired, so I took that as a jumping-off point. I’ve held tight onto my Alison Glass prints for awhile, but the colors and motifs in her original Handcrafted line seemed perfect for the occasion, letting the fabric do the talking. Variegated thread for quilting and a zipper back later and we were done! Blessings to the newlyweds for a long and happy life together!

Recently two friends of mine came to the conclusion that it is time to sell their home of over a decade. Many times I have been on the receiving end of their generous hospitality, so I wanted to make a gift for each to reflect all the love and memories of that home.

I started with sketches of the house itself.

I thought of the nonhuman residents as well.

Then it was just a matter of raw-edged appliqué, a bit of decorative stitching, turning under the blocks’ edges, and fitting them to embroidery hoop “frames”.

Sometimes I love a gift more in the making than the person receiving, but I could tell this time that wasn’t the case. Hoping that as time goes by, these little mementos will bring back sweet memories!

After hoarding my stack of Alison Glass Handcrafted prints for a year or two, I finally cut into them. Ultimately, there is a twin-sized quilt in the works, but I couldn’t help making something lovely with the scraps! 

It started out as a chance to play with curved piecing and evolved from there. The colors remind me of a sunset over the ocean, and the white IKEA print roughly evokes the shore. I have a friend that quilts without using any special feet, so I thought I’d give it a go and see what came about. Interestingly, it was much easier than using my walking foot! I had fun experimenting with quilting designs, particularly McTavishing, which I only recently learned about. It creates such a sense of movement! The colorful side’s quilting reminds me of stingray egg sacs, or maybe stylized crab claws. When it came to binding, I realized there were no straight lines anywhere in the quilt. But that’s just like the natural world! So I made sure to apply the binding in an ever-so-slight wave. I used a scrap of batik from who-knows-where, and unintentionally, the more solid bits edged the more colorful part of the quilt. Altogether, I love my little experiment! She finishes at roughly 14×26 inches and hangs proudly among other favorite artworks.

I am not typically one to blog fabric purchases, mostly because they are so few and far-between, but I am so chuffed with the bits I got during a few end-of-the-year sales that I decided to break from the norm.

 First a bit of Anna Maria Horner and Cotton + Steel joy from Southern Fabric! I’m slow to join the train for these well-known designers, and it’s not often I find pieces I like that also match my budget, but thanks to the kind folks at S. F., this time I did!

 Second are a few slices of Denyse Schmidt and a bit of Utopia from the Fat Quarter Shop. I restrained myself here, but I had specific projects in mind, and I really like what I chose. Even better, my husband genuinely ooh’ed when he saw these – always a good sign! Looking forward to putting them to work soon! (“Soon” is a much more relative term now I’m raising a Squish. Babies is hard, y’all!)

Linking up to Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash!

I was part way through knitting a grey-green hat for my son when I had an epiphany:  if I were going through the trouble, why was I making any old hat when I could knit the ultimate (nerd) hat?

“How does it sit? Pretty cunning, doncha think?

“Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

I don’t claim to be an excellent knitter, but I am pleased with the result, and it makes me laugh! To make the hat, I just knit a stockinette rectangle, stitched up the side to fit, and crocheted ear flaps. Then I gathered the top and added a puff ball! And my baby, who has as many smiles as there are reasons to love Firefly, got into character with a rare mean mug!

I love the colors, even apart from the show reference. I finished it just in time for the cool weather setting in! He will be so much warmer on our walks together, complimenting the gorgeous autumn trees. What more could I ask for?

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I’ll make this short and sweet.


My to-finish list this quarter includes my two holdovers from last quarter which, at this point, are tops, backs, and batting awaiting services of my long-arming friend.

I have been consulting on a large-ish quilt for a Disney-loving little lady, but I’ve yet to firmly decide whether to take on the project. If I do, it needs completed by June.

“Baby Sets” refer to the number of friends pregnant along with me! Among my friends, there is one baby due per month between June and September. I’d like to get all the shower sewing done in one go, so I’ll make four of everything (probably a quilted bib, a softie, and an article of clothing). 

I cut all the pieces for the X+ quilt I’m working on for a friend. It won’t be a proper finish, but I’d like to at least finish the blocks and piece the top.


Not sure if I will get to any lap quilts, but I may be able to complete a few holdovers from my Lillian’s Stitches days. (Apologies for the poor lighting.)



Two Soaking Quilts are ready for quilting as well! Can you tell I am trying to clean out my wardrobe of incompletions?

Finally, I volunteered to make a new version of a four-year-old’s favorite stuffed monkey. Chocolate Milk will be remade in pink, but the project is a bit daunting as the original has lots of pieces and cannot be taken apart for a pattern. Yikes! Here’s hoping it works!


Linking up with the 2015 Finish-Along!

My husband and I talked about choosing a different theme each Christmas of our marriage. Knowing something of the traditional wedding anniversary themes (silver at 25, gold at 50, etc.), I thought it would be sweet to start there. With his affinity for reading, it was an easy sell. We visited our favorite used bookstore and picked up some older, free books. After a little Pinterest scrolling, we ripped out pages and set to work. I’m quite happy with the results!