I feel like I need to apologize for letting this blog slide. I do have every intention of maintaining it, but as I am realizing, the season of life I am in (i.e. babies and toddlers) leaves only so much headspace for documenting my makes. Instagram, with its immediate feedback and format, is my go-to these days. Nevertheless, I want to capture these bits and pieces of my handwork for posterity! Ha!

This year I found myself in the weeks before Easter in bed sick. Bummer! But I attempted to make the most of it by working on projects I’d pinned (I’ll find the links that inspired me if requested, but I modified everything I made.) The Squish got a knit bunny and crocheted carrot.

My board game-loving, fantasy-genre-reading husband got a crocheted dragon egg “dice bag” which was later stuffed with (American-version) Cadbury eggs. 

And for me – an interchangeable seasonal yarn wreath for the door – just so! A lovely Easter for all – hoping yours was similarly sweet!