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I feel like I need to apologize for letting this blog slide. I do have every intention of maintaining it, but as I am realizing, the season of life I am in (i.e. babies and toddlers) leaves only so much headspace for documenting my makes. Instagram, with its immediate feedback and format, is my go-to these days. Nevertheless, I want to capture these bits and pieces of my handwork for posterity! Ha!

This year I found myself in the weeks before Easter in bed sick. Bummer! But I attempted to make the most of it by working on projects I’d pinned (I’ll find the links that inspired me if requested, but I modified everything I made.) The Squish got a knit bunny and crocheted carrot.

My board game-loving, fantasy-genre-reading husband got a crocheted dragon egg “dice bag” which was later stuffed with (American-version) Cadbury eggs. 

And for me – an interchangeable seasonal yarn wreath for the door – just so! A lovely Easter for all – hoping yours was similarly sweet!


This will be my husband’s and my second Christmas together. Last year, we chose paper as our theme, and this year, in keeping with the list of anniversaries, we chose cotton. With the baby around, I am particularly glad we settled on something so easy (for me!) Most of our decorations were sourced from my stash!

The only thing I bought was a pair of green sheets from Goodwill, which I shredded and turned into “yarn” for the greenery. The rest – doily “snowflakes”, crocheted and patchwork garland, fabric scraps for bunting, an embroidery hoop base for the wreath, even the birdie ornaments – all came from my sewing wardrobe, and most of that was kept from our wedding decor!

 The tree itself was a collaborative effort. My husband conceived the cone shape and went on a quest for branches. The draping and dressing of the tree was mine, though he insisted on layers of nested greens and wonderful peeking lights. Our son is not yet mobile, but even if he were, all is soft enough for him to be unharmed. Further, I have plans for the “tree” when the holidays are over:  the wood can be chopped for kindling, and the “yarn” will make a great hearth rug! For now, the baby loves looking at the lights, and the dangling snowflakes with their lacy shadows make even this warm Southern winter feel cozy and bright!

Linking up with the 2015 Finish-A-Long!

Whew! Happy New Year! I definitely have some sewing resolutions, but I don’t feel right addressing them until I’ve blogged the rest of Christmas.




At the eleventh hour, I finished a gift for my mother. I made the table runner with solid white 10-inch Dresden plates. I wanted to add my modern touch to a traditional design, so the background is slightly wonky striped. I love how it turned out and might be making a similar piece for myself next Christmas!



These potholders went to special recipients: my brother, and my matron of honor. I love the simple masculinity of the one. For the other, I sorted the selvedges I have hoarded for years, carefully selecting words that carried significance and choosing the most prolifically colorful pieces.


Said friend also adds a pair of birds to her tree every year, so I couldn’t resist crocheting her a few after I came across this pattern. I think they’re adorable, only I’m not sure the species. Wrens, perhaps?

There is still one more Christmas present I’ve not reported, but it deserves a post all its own. Until then, hope your 2015 is exponentially better than 2014 (I know mine is!)

So apparently cloth napkins are not the norm over here. I had some fat quarters set aside for another project, but realizing the scale was a bit big in some of the prints, they were prime candidates for napkins.



I also went to work with some Yorkish wool and came up with a new toboggan and neck warmer / headband. The latter I lined in a bias-cut swath of cotton to keep the itch factor at bay.






It’s the little details that make a house a home or a culture your own. Nothing like a little handmade something to feel settled in!

On my to-do list was this:


Happily, I can check it off!





I didn’t think this one through entirely. Having made a couple of paintbrush rolls in the past (found here at my old blog), I didn’t plan this one out too much. Hence the height and ties on the wrong side. But I did plan out the pockets, and as it is lined with batting, the whole thing is quite secure – perfect for travel!

Whew! So nice getting things accomplished! Little more than two weeks to go!