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I am not typically one to blog fabric purchases, mostly because they are so few and far-between, but I am so chuffed with the bits I got during a few end-of-the-year sales that I decided to break from the norm.

 First a bit of Anna Maria Horner and Cotton + Steel joy from Southern Fabric! I’m slow to join the train for these well-known designers, and it’s not often I find pieces I like that also match my budget, but thanks to the kind folks at S. F., this time I did!

 Second are a few slices of Denyse Schmidt and a bit of Utopia from the Fat Quarter Shop. I restrained myself here, but I had specific projects in mind, and I really like what I chose. Even better, my husband genuinely ooh’ed when he saw these – always a good sign! Looking forward to putting them to work soon! (“Soon” is a much more relative term now I’m raising a Squish. Babies is hard, y’all!)

Linking up to Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash!


Yay! There are 6 sections of blocks in this book and I’m now 1/6 through!





After crosses come rectangles! As BBC’s Sherlock Series 3 continues on PBS, I continue naming blocks for Mr. Cummerbund.


My sweet “auntie” sent me some beautiful Tula Pink fabric – absolutely gorgeous! – and I can’t wait to work with it. I’m contemplating remaking some of my original blocks with these fabrics, although I could see them fitting in with quite a few quilts rattling in my brain. Sometimes it’s just fun to set them in stacks and muse!


Welcome, friends and family! Finally I am making my big news public – I am moving to Northern England in a few short weeks! This blog is documenting my process – preparations, thoughts, and experiences. But creating is an essential part of who I am, so I will showcase my art here, too! To celebrate, to welcome all my quilting friends to my new home on the interwebs, and to save space in my suitcases, I am having a de-stashing giveaway!

These are fat quarters, biggish scraps, and not-sure-whats, all in quilt shop quality cottons, all prewashed. They stuff two envelopes!

Comment below and make sure I have a way to email you! I love thoughtful comments – so how about some advice for living abroad? Or your favorite part of British culture?

I’ll choose a winner via random number generator. Giveaway closes Saturday, August 10, and winner will be notified the next day. Giveaway is open to US residents only, but friends from the UK are welcome to comment, and if you win, I’ll send you something extra once I arrive in England!

Thanks so much for being part of my blog life and creativity! All the parts of your heart in my keeping send you their greetings!

It seems when new seasons are upon me, I get an overwhelming desire to sew up a new bag or purse to suit the needs of what’s ahead. I love when those ideas strike me! I’ve sketched out a design for a new satchel for England, and, informed by endeavors at sorting, packing, and giving away of art supplies, I’ve pulled fabric. I say this about most things I create, but I love it already and am so excited to bring my ideas into reality!