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With several friends pregnant and due either side of me, I’ve been working on quite a few baby gifts! Originally I intended sets of three items per child, but as showers began, I just went for whatever felt sweet at the time.


Of all the babies, only one is a girl! Her parents are big University of Tennessee fans, so I had fun using bold orange and figuring out an alternative to a bow tie bib. 

The bonnet pattern is from The Purl Bee, and the elephants are from Sew, Mama, Sew. Bibs, stuffed kitties, and “changing cones” are all original patterns. All told, it’s four bibs, four elephants, three sets of cones, one bonnet, and two kitties. Not bad, I think, and the first baby is due this week! Can’t wait to start meeting the little ones I’ve lovingly stitched for (mine especially, of course!)


I am getting in right under the wire with my Lovely Year of Finishes goal! I stitched the last seam of my quilt top for P. L. with an episode of The Great British Sewing Bee to keep me company. It’s fitting (pun intended), I believe, as I’m calling this original pattern “The Queen’s Rose”.



There is a long story behind every bit of fabric in this top, but I’ll save those details for when it is sandwiched, quilted, and bound. Each fabric is full of loving wishes, some more overtly expressed than others.


I celebrated my finish with an attempt at an adapted recipe for Be-Ro scones! A few little flubs didn’t hurt the flavor, and I had to have a bit of irony with my tea. Altogether, a proper way to polish off the month of February!


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On occasion one might find a reason to lie down at church. Some find themselves on their face before God, others on their backs with eyes closed. In those times it can be nice to have a cloth or blanket on hand as a light cover.

With that in mind, I am making a dozen “soaking quilts” for my church. Each are about 36×48 inches, lap-sized and not too heavy. Here are my first two completed earlier in the week!





I am really enjoying these smaller quilts! It’s a pleasure exploring design while still making beautiful, useful pieces of art.

Warning: spoilers ahead! If you reside in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Houghton-le-Spring, et al, this post may ruin the surprise. But I couldn’t help myself.


Someone needs a happy pincushion (inspired by this tutorial.)



Other someones need cheery little Spool birds.



And someone (who shall, ahem, remain nameless) will soon upgrade from her (clean!) sock to a phone case (tutorial here). She loves that Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda print!

And finally, those boxes shipped! Sheesh! Thanks to the sweet gal at the post who helped me find less expensive ways to send my handmade goodies and hipster snacks.

Oh, and I couldn’t help popping in some GooGoo Clusters for good measure. They may not understand the glory that is sweet tea, but my British sibs can still get a taste of Tennessee!

Once upon a time I made a little pouch for my iPhone and loved it! I could easily feel for it in my messy purse, but I could still slip it into my back pocket. With a voile exterior and a flannel interior, it took a beating.



All those murky greys were once cheery whites! Time for a new one, no? After scrolling Pinterest, I found a tutorial I liked. I didn’t follow it exactly as I had my own process for the patchwork, but I love how it turned out!




I must say, my favorite way to piece is taking random scraps and putting them together like a puzzle. That’s how I pieced my phone pouch, and I couldn’t help myself until I had pieced an iPad sleeve, too!





I couldn’t find a tutorial I really liked, so I just made an envelope and bound it with double-fold binding. If you look closely at my stitching, you see my frustration with double-fold binding! But I don’t notice that because I love Love LOVE the patchwork!

And speaking of noticing, the background in these photos is another project I’ve been working on! Can’t wait to finish it off and show y’all!