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My rodeo-riding cousin married the cowboy of her dreams, and I made a little wedding gift for the occasion!

Their style is very Western-inspired, so I took that as a jumping-off point. I’ve held tight onto my Alison Glass prints for awhile, but the colors and motifs in her original Handcrafted line seemed perfect for the occasion, letting the fabric do the talking. Variegated thread for quilting and a zipper back later and we were done! Blessings to the newlyweds for a long and happy life together!


A friend of mine is about to cross the Pond and meet up with folks I interned under in England! We have kept in touch, so of course I am sending a few handmade happies to them!

There’s nothing like the first grandbaby in a family, and one little such lady is due in a few months. What could be sweeter than a proper teacup or two? I pieced a pair of bibs and backed them in terry cloth with batting between. From the leftover terry I made wash clothes because you can never have too many bits of cloth around to mop up baby leakage!

For other friends, I put together some Open Wide zipper pouches! This is my first time to follow Anna’s tutorial, and I must say, it will be my go-to for future zipper pouches. They lie so flat and are beautifully practical, and compared to others I’ve made in the past, they were a cinch to sew – none of that bulk around the zipper ends to gum up smooth stitching! Plus, they pack easily, and I can fill them with letters, artwork, or other treats that are hard to find over there (fajita spices, creole seasoning, cornbread mix perhaps!) Long ago I made up the HST units, and this little project was a great way to use a few of them. I am sending the others along as well to make a baby quilt, if my friend so chooses – sort of a collaboration between us, despite the distance! One day I will go back, but for now I’ll send my heart in my handwork.

My mothers’ group had a Christmas party and asked that we bring a white elephant gift to bless another mom. Nothing tacky or silly – the idea was to treat ourselves since we all know how hard mothering can be. Of course, rather than shop for a $10 gift, I made one! (Since they were a first attempt, we will pretend only $10 worth of material and time went into them.)

(I had to try them on… I was so tempted to keep them!)

Quilted spa slippers, anyone? I used a pair of mukluks for a sole template, then free-handed the upper out of paper until I figured out a nice shape. The sole has two layers of batting and a layer of stiff stabilizer between the denim and solid cotton. I made bias binding and glue basted underneath with white school glue. That spared me much frustration as I sewed through all the layers.

Usually I don’t go through so much trouble to match things perfectly, but I really wanted the girl who got these to feel special. Sure enough, they went to a new friend who’d been wanting slippers for Christmas! In fact, everyone walked away with something they liked. I received a beautiful scarf and new colors of nail polish – two things that are very much me, which I can never have too many of, and well worth the exchange! The best part was knowing what I made was not only wanted and appreciated but an actual Christmas wish!