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This year, I want it to be the Year of Completions! There are a very few quilts I have mentally set aside to create, but other than those, I want to minimize new endeavors and focus on finishing works-in-progress.
Quilts in progress:


Accidental Quilt

Quilts to begin:

Other sewing:

  • Baby gift for English friend
  • Cushion covers for sofa
  • Baby birthday sewing (whatever that means)

This list may change, of course, but it’s a start! I can’t wait to pull out these “old friends ” and finally give them the TLC they deserve!

P.S. I realize this list is way longer than I can accomplish I’m the first quarter of the year, but I’m counting this as my post for the 2016 Finish-A-Long. Anything I don’t complete can roll over!



This year I decided to go mini! Every sibling or couple got an 18-inch mini-quilt – with an envelope back to cover a pillow!  

I had fun coming up with ideas for my husband’s and my siblings! Among them we have a crazy cat couple (block from Elizabeth Hartman), a family of five (letters from Temecula Quilt Co., hearts from Cluck, Cluck, Sew) , a member of the Air Force, and a world-traveling fashion aficionado. 

For the 3 sets of parents, I chose this fair isle pattern and tried to capture everyone’s styles. My husband really loved how they turned out, so I may be creating some for us in the future.

I still had 2 to finish after Christmas, but with some friends, that’s ok. It ended up being just right for my friends who received the wacky little houses. Why? Because just at Christmas, these friends learned that their landlord put their home up for sale. This little quilt is a promise of provision!


As of yet, there is one gift left to give. My fellow quilter and close friend will get a little homage to her cat Luna. Starry quilting nods at the cat’s name, and the scrappy quilt reflects both my style and hers. The design is a modified version of this Fat Quarter Shop block. I can’t wait to deliver it and be done with Christmas once and for all!

Linking up with the 2015 Finish-A-Long!

There are so many sewing projects I want to complete this month for the wedding, but the goal I’m choosing to work on for A Lovely Year of Finishes is a commissioned quilt!


My roommate from grad school has a lovely baby daughter with a bare bed. She and I have kept up a bit over the years, and she has been following my quilting adventures. In fact, I started my first quilt when we lived together. She contacted me asking if I’d be willing to make a New Orleans-flavored quilt for her daughter. I sent her a few examples of improv quilts, thinking it would be a fun reprieve from some of the more structured sewing for the wedding.


She loves the idea, especially as improv is the foundation of jazz, and New Orleans is nothing without its music. I’m excited to get started! My goal is to have the top finished by the end of the month. I’m aiming for a twin size for this growing girl!


Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes!

I’m excited to start my goal this month. I’ve decided to make a nine-patch quilt as a sort of guest book for the wedding, and now is the time to make the blocks! Here are my prototypes:


My blocks are each 9.5 inches square, so using this much-pinned method, I can turn out 2 blocks per pair of 10.5-inch squares. I want 42 blocks, so Fiancé helped pick out 18 or 19 fabrics from my stash.


After seeing what he selected, I curated the collection and added in a few of my favorites. I’ll need a bit more white, but I’m confident I can achieve making the blocks this month!

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes!

Time to set some concrete goals for my sewing! Though it is standard with me to create longer lists than I ever hope to complete, still I enjoy having next steps on the docket.

Quilts to Complete

Color Punch
Accidental Quilt
Orange You Glad Bee
Sew Blues Bee
Winter Whites
Frances Sampler
Black and White play mat

Quilt Block Book goals

Tula Pink City Sampler – 99 blocks
Farmer’s Wife Sampler – 83 blocks

New Quilts

English Rose Quilt
New Beginning Nine-Patch
Mister’s Quilt


One of the best parts about quilting is the online community. I’d already decided to join a loose group committed to setting goals and completing them on a monthly basis (A Lovely Year of Finishes). Today, I saw that my friend from past quilting bees is working through the City Sampler, too, so I will tag along on a weekly basis with that crew! I’ve already set up my machine and stitched a bit this evening. Looking forward to a fabulous fabric-filled year!

Welcome, friends and family! Finally I am making my big news public – I am moving to Northern England in a few short weeks! This blog is documenting my process – preparations, thoughts, and experiences. But creating is an essential part of who I am, so I will showcase my art here, too! To celebrate, to welcome all my quilting friends to my new home on the interwebs, and to save space in my suitcases, I am having a de-stashing giveaway!

These are fat quarters, biggish scraps, and not-sure-whats, all in quilt shop quality cottons, all prewashed. They stuff two envelopes!

Comment below and make sure I have a way to email you! I love thoughtful comments – so how about some advice for living abroad? Or your favorite part of British culture?

I’ll choose a winner via random number generator. Giveaway closes Saturday, August 10, and winner will be notified the next day. Giveaway is open to US residents only, but friends from the UK are welcome to comment, and if you win, I’ll send you something extra once I arrive in England!

Thanks so much for being part of my blog life and creativity! All the parts of your heart in my keeping send you their greetings!